Commercial Door Repair in Wilton Manors, FL

When you own a business you may encounter various issues with your doors or access control systems that will require the help of a licensed professional at some point. Whether your door closer are not operating, your door pivot hinges are making noises, or you have a major problem with your automated door system, scheduling a business door installation service in Wilton Manors, with US1 Locksmith is advisable to pinpoint the problem to figure the best repair options.

Our experienced technicians can repair and commercial door or entry system on time and on budget, so you can keep your business running smoothly. Simply call us at (954) 553-8325 to schedule an appointment.

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A Common Commercial Door Problem: The Door Closer

When the doors of your business close inefficiently, well then each one of your safety and security measures is useless. You might as well have a big hole in your structure allowing anyone to come and go. Such a problem has several causes that can be difficult to recognize on your own. This can include damage to your door, worn-out hinges, or damaged locking hardware, however, one of the most common issues lies within the door closer itself.

A door closer is the piece of hardware that controls the swing of the door. It helps prevent the door from opening too far (back check) and allows the door to shut effortlessly (sweep speed). The last few degrees of the door closing process is called the latch speed. Door Closer Installation

The latch speed of a door closer should be adjusted properly so the door will fully close, without slamming shut. Some door closers can be repaired with basic adjustments, yet sometimes the door closer requires to be replaced completely.

Our business locksmiths and door safety and security experts can examine a door closer, make modifications or replace it if required. If you are having any problems with your business's doors opening and shutting properly the safety of your workers and the security of your building is at risk.

That's why we offer free security risk assessments to inspect all the openings at your building in Wilton Manors. Do not let the security of your company be at risk, reach out to US1 Locksmith today!

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Commercial Door vs Residential Door What Is The Difference?

Although we may assume that selecting a commercial door features the identical process of picking a residential one, remember that these are totally different.

For instance, business doors tend to vary in size by a lot. Not only that, but business doors also are normally much more utilized contrasted to residential ones. For that reason, this usage means that commercial doors need to be much stronger and more durable compared to house doors.

One more thing they vary by a whole lot is that several business doors must tolerate all types of accidental collisions.

Finally, most commercial doors (if not all) are much thicker than house doors. Due to this additional density, their insulation properties are better, helping companies to have better control over their building's temperature.

In short, choosing the right door for your Wilton Manors business can be a challenge. Do not worry  US1 Locksmith can help. We will find the best door for your business needs and budget, call us today at (954) 553-8325 to schedule an appointment

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Meet The US1 Locksmith Family

US1 Locksmith is a fully licensed and insured locksmith business servicing the Wilton Manors, FL, 33305 area. We offer a broad range of locksmith services in general. Finding a professional that is well-qualified, and offers rates that are competitive and relevant to the specific service needed, is one of the most important concerns we encounter with our customers. Our goal is to give you professional service quality! We have a large inventory of locks, hardware, and keys to choose from. We specialize in business locksmith services. We are always just a phone call away! Give us a call today at (954) 553-8325 to schedule your commercial door repair or installation service.

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