Panic Exit Devices Repair and Installation in South Florida

In essence, a panic exit device is a type of doorknob. Also called a push bar or crash bar, it’s a horizontal metal bar that you push to open a door. These devices are common in schools, hospitals, and all kinds of commercial buildings.

Indeed, whenever doors get heavy usage throughout the day, panic exit devices can be ideal. That’s because they’re highly durable.

What Is A Panic Exit Device?

The name “panic exit device” refers to this mechanism’s original intention: to save lives in times of panic. If a group of people suddenly run out of a building due to a fire or other disaster, this bar makes it easier to open exterior doors. Thus, it’s less likely that people will get trapped inside or trampled.

British architect Robert Alexander Briggs invented the first panic bolt in 1892. And, as it turned out, these devices were convenient for everyday use as well as for emergencies. Therefore, they became ubiquitous.

Need A Panic Bar Installed or Repaired?

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How Does A Push Bar Work?

Well, when you push the spring-loaded bar, it releases a latch, opening the door. Also, to qualify as a push bar, it must extend across at least half the door’s width.

Some push bars automatically lock when a door closes, and others stay unlocked. Either way, you shouldn’t add another lock to your door — be it a padlock, chain lock, or deadbolt. If you do, the bar won’t legally constitute a panic exit device.

The International Building Code and the Life Safety Code — the latter is a fire prevention industry-standard — require push bars for many public buildings. Certain hazardous spaces like boiler rooms and electrical rooms must have them as well.

Be aware, too, that your push bar must be simple to open. That is, it should unlock with 15 pounds of force or less.

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